Vegetable Powder Broth (Bouillon) Organic 100g bag


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This vegetable broth made by Rapunzel combines great taste with high quality organic ingredients that retain important nutrients and provide a healthy and sustaining meal. Fast and fresh flavoured, it is perfect for traditional and contemporary soups, sauces, stews, and casseroles. It contains no added flavour-enhancer, artificial or “natural” flavourings, colourings, acidifiers or stabilisers, ingredients containing gluten, lactose or cholesterol. Product of Germany.

Contains: Sea Salt, Corn Starch*, Vegetables* 20% (Carrot*, Parsnips*, Onions*, Roasted Onions*Celery*), Yeast Extract*, Turmeric* Sunflower Oil*, Mace*, Lovage Leaves*, Celery Leaves*, Parsley* Pepper*, Laurel*, (*Organic Cultivation)



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