Please note our shop is closed while Foxton is at Alert level 4 in response to Covid-19. Any queries please contact us.

We are an organic and whole foods store specialising in local products, bulk foods and home cleaning products, natural skincare plastic-free homeware. You can find us and at 68 Main Street in sunny Foxton. Our website is still a work in progress, if you have any questions please check out our Facebook or Instagram pages @petalbeegrocers and message us from there, email us at or call us the old-fashioned way on 06 777 6700.

Our online store is currently only available to customers in the Foxton, Himitangi and Shannon areas, and delivery to these areas is free. To order our bulk items and fresh produce, simply click on the item and add the quantity you require (eg 0.5 for 500 grams). Small quantities such as herbs and spices, are usually ordered in quantities of 10 grams, for example 30g would be added as 0.03 for the quantity. Please note our Ecostore and Littlefoot bulk liquid products are not available for shipping UNLESS an equivalent sized amber bottle is also purchased for transporting.

If you are not in the above areas and would like to place an order please contact us with your order for a shipping quote.