Summer Hill Seeds Pumpkin Seed Oil Spray-Free 250ml


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Summer Hill Seeds cold pressed pumpkin seed oil is a lovely dark green, with a mild nutty flavour. Swap out olive oil and add Pumpkin Seed Oil for a new taste and visual sensation. Ideal for salad dressings and aioli, drizzling over cooked meat, roast veggies or pasta and is great for baking. Use as a lovely dipping oil to go with dukkah. Pumpkin seed oil is packed with goodness and is suitable for any vegetarian or vegan recipes. The absence of trans fatty acids, cholesterol and sugar add to its health benefits.

The pumpkin seeds the oil is pressed from are 100% natural, raw and wholesome. Grown on a family farm in rural Whanganui with integrity, traceability and low food miles. Summer Hill SeedsĀ  are hands on, ensuring quality control, from planting, managing the crop spray free, to processing and marketing.


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