Silk Route Natural Incense Oud Persia 24 sticks


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This line of incense is a tribute to the historic importance of Persiain the Incense Route. This Persia incense is a luxurious and exotic blend of fragrances that will transport you to the ancient land of Persia. This enchanting incense features the rich aroma of Oud oil, complemented by the delicate and floral scent of Rose oil and the earthy notes of Vetiver oil. The smoky and woody fragrance of Sandalwood oil is further enhanced by the sweet and spicy aroma of Cardamom oil. Herbal Remedy has added a touch of Rose Petals powder and Geranium oil to create a romantic and feminine touch to this elegant fragrance. The combination of Halmaddi powder, Kachura powder, Gum Benzoin powder, and Cedarwood powder creates a natural and soothing base for this magnificent incense. The deep and complex scent of Patchouli oil perfectly balances the sweetness and the floral notes of this incense. Our Persia incense is perfect for creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere in your home or office.

Each incense is hand rolled using traditional incense making methods by local women from the region of Mysore in South India. They contain contains sustainably sourced ‘Agarwood’ or ‘Oud’ which is a dark fragrant resin that is rare and incredibly expensive. They also contain Sandalwood, Frankincense, Rose oil and a selection of Ayurvedic herb powders and oils.

The perfect gift to yourself or a friend.. It’s not often that you can call an incense range ‘exquisitely crafted’


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