Silk Route Natural Incense Oud Bharat 24 sticks


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This Incense is a tribute to the ancient culture & faith of the undivided Bharat. Bharat incense captures the essence of India, a land known for its exotic spices and vibrant culture. The fragrance features the rich and smoky scent of premium oud oil, accented by the woody aroma of cedarwood and sandalwood oils. The use of gum benzoin powder (loban) and clove powder adds a subtle sweetness to the fragrance, while the spicy notes of patchouli oil and clove oil create a warm and inviting aroma. The Kachura powder and vetiver oil give it a refreshing, earthy touch, making it the perfect fragrance to set the mood for meditation or relaxation.

Each incense is hand rolled using traditional incense making methods by local women from the region of Mysore in South India. They contain contains sustainably sourced ‘Agarwood’ or ‘Oud’ which is a dark fragrant resin that is rare and incredibly expensive. They also contain Sandalwood, Frankincense, Rose oil and a selection of Ayurvedic herb powders and oils.

The perfect gift to yourself or a friend.. It’s not often that you can call an incense range ‘exquisitely crafted’



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