Puro Bio Sublime BB Cream 04


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Second skin effect ideal for daily use, for a fast and minimal beauty routine. Radiant soft matte finish. Suitable for all skin types: thanks to the non-greasy finish it is suitable for oily skin, but the moisturizing, emollient and nourishing active ingredients make the product perfect even for dry and sensitive skin. With 20% organic aloe vera, vegetable squalane, obtained from olive oil, with bio-mimetic properties that ensure that the texture blends with the skin and the aicire that gives softness to the skin, hydrating and protecting the skin dry. Plus: naturally waterproof (water resistant): thanks to the technology used and the particular formulation consisting mainly of oils.It does not contain comedogenic ingredients.

Watch out for the pack: 50% of the tube material is recycled plastic. Made in Italy.


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