Purebread Big Mamma Oats Sourdough Loaf


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Big Mamma is Purebread’s original and ever-popular Organic Sourdough with the goodness of rolled oats, providing thiamine, iron and dietary fibre, this is a mighty nutritious bread for the whole family. They ferment soy flour to make it more digestible and to unlock the valuable protein, vitamins and minerals. The complete dough is then naturally fermented, doubling in size over hours which breaks down the complex carbohydrates, making it much more digestible and enhancing the flavour. Big Mamma is certified organic, and therefore, free from pesticides and herbicides commonly found in non-organic bread. All ingredients are grown and produced using sustainable farming practices that nurture and protect our land. Made in New Zealand.

Ingredients: (All Organic) (White Flour,) (Wholemeal Flour,) (Rolled Oats), (Raw cane sugar & Fermented Soy Flour), Filtered Living Water, (Sunflower Oil), Olive Oil, Certified Sea Salt & Fresh Yeast.


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