Aoraki Naturals Laundry Soap per KG (in pieces of approx 100g)


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This 100% coconut oil soap is for use in DIY laundry and kitchen recipes.  This soap has no “free oil” in it, so has awesome cleaning properties, but is not suitable for using on your body.  Aoraki Naturals’ recipe for making your own laundry powder (makes 1.7kg):

300g coconut oil laundry soap, finely grated

500g borax

500g washing soda (sodium carbonate)

400g baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)

Combine all ingredients. If you wish to mill your soap down into smaller pieces, use a food processor with some of the washing soda to avoid it clumping. Use 1-2T per load, dissolve in hot water first for best results.