Lifestream Magnesium Sleep Switch 60 Capsules


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Magnesium Sleep Switch has been scientifically studied to help you to build better and better sleep, allowing you to wake refreshed. It contains natural Magnesium with over 72 elements and minerals for superior absorption, along with Lemon Balm and Magnolia. This unique sleep formula combines sleep nutrients with relaxing botanicals for a tranquil and deep night of sleep.

Natural Magnesium helps healthy melatonin release and neurotransmitter production supporting a balanced circadian rhythm in the body which encourages a better sleep/wake cycle. Magnolia is not just a pretty flower! It is also effective at encouraging relaxation and building better and better sleep, by acting on our brain neurotransmitter production, supporting deep restorative sleep patterns. It’s a unique non-drowsy ingredient for supporting an over-wired nervous system, helping to get you to sleep and to stay asleep and wake refreshed, by acting on GABA, one of our relaxation and feel good transmitters. GABA helps melatonin production in the brain for better sleep and helps you switch off an over-busy mind helping with healthy sleep patterns.¬† Who knew a flower could do all of that? Finally, Lemon Balm acts as a natural sleep aid, supporting calmness and helping sleep quality.¬†Lemon Balm contains rosmarinic acid, a bioactive compound that works on neurotransmitters for mood and relaxation, further helping to switch off an over-busy nervous system.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS PER CAP: Magnesium hydroxide (Natural marine source) 530mgEquiv: Elemental Magnesium 175mgLemon Balm (Melissa officinalis)300mgMagnolia (Magnolia officinalis)100mg. Contains encapsulating aids.
No added soy, dairy, wheat + gluten. Packed in 100% Sugarcane Plastic packaging – kerbside recyclable.