Harker Wholefoods Celtic & New Zealand Natural Sea Salt with Kelp 300g


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This Celtic and New Zealand sea salt has 84 known mineral and trace elements. This nutrient-rich blend helps to increase food-nutrient absorption and provides exceptional flavour to foods. A moist product, it is rich in organic plankton and has a grey tone due to the magnesium chloride and salt-pan clay-base content. Certified organic – the kelp comes from the South Island and the sea salt is sourced from Kaikoura. The Celtic sea salt comes from Normandy and is of the highest grade with a French certification. Said to increase food-nutrient absorption into cells by up to 7%. Increases saliva and gastric digestive secretions to help break down carbohydrates into cell-usable / assimilable nutrients. Add to hot water to soothe rashes and abrasions. Excellent for boosting pot plant nutrients (ΒΌ teaspoon to 5 litres of rainwater once every 3 months). (Warning: Do not try this with regular table salt – your plants will die!)