Wholegrain Organics Sprouted Sourdough Rye Bread with Caraway 600g


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A powerhouse of nutrition and taste. All the benefits of sourdough with the full power of sprouted grains and sprouted grain flour. Not only higher levels of absorbable nutrients, the sprouting evokes full depth of flavour naturally, a moist crumb and a naturally caramalised crust. A win for your taste buds and your digestion. These sprouted grains are milled into flour so that you get a more traditional style loaf with all the nutritional benefits of sprouted grain plus whole sprouted rye grain mixed in.  A deliciously savoury rye loaf with a hint of caraway. Ingredients: Organic sourdough, organic rye flour, organic sprouted wheat flour, organic wheat flour, organic sprouted rye grain, caraway seeds, salt. Made in Palmerston North.